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SA Sports Model# 662
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The SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow provides all the fun parts of archery without any of the hassle. Don’t worry about frustrating set up and complicated procedures just to shoot a few bolts in the backyard. Easily prepare to fire using the built in mechanism and foot stirrup for fast cocking; loading bolts and firing off shots has never been as quick or simple. Launch bolts at a blistering 150 feet per second with a relatively light draw weight of only 80 pounds. The Gremlin ships standard with everything needed for target practice and a few extras that sweeten the deal. The included red dot sight makes it a cinch to bullseye short and medium range targets and the first 3 bolts are provided courtesy of SA Sports. Designed to operate using 7 inch bolts for the most accuracy and overall performance, this crossbow is calibrated to accept both plastic and aluminum ammunition. The SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow takes target practice to the next level with a one of a kind experience.
  • Experience all the fun of crossbow target shooting without the slow loading and hassle that comes with a full sized crossbow
  • Dial in your maximum accuracy quicker with the easy to use red-dot sight that makes the crossbow more formidable and be a lot more fun to use
  • Use the included foot stirrup and cocking mechanism to easily prepare the crossbow and launch miniature bolts at blistering speeds of up to 150 feet per second
  • Designed to use 7 inch aluminum bolts for best performance; the Gremlin Pistol Crossbow is also calibrated to accurately fire plastic darts
  • Launch more accurate shots in a shorter span of time so your target practice includes more time shooting and less time spent reloading or looking for lost bolts
  • Shoots up to 150 FPS
  • Features tactical grip
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SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow 80lbs

Product ID PEA-1123555
UPC: 609456306621
List Price: $79.99
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