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About National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers is based in Manchester, NH, USA, and was founded by Joe J. Khoury II. We have been in the e-commerce business since December, 2002. Since then, we have formed business relations with several manufacturers and master distributors all across the United States, to bring you thousands of products to dropship to your customers. We take pride in our constant efforts to offer the best range of products in the industry while also providing friendly, knowledgeable customer service. We are fully committed to serving our customers' needs first and foremost. We know our customers' time is valuable and we strive to create a reseller environment that offers the convenience of a one-stop-shop. We do this by keeping up with current trends and cutting-edge new products. When combined with the personal, attentive service you will receive from our staff, this is the surest way to provide our customers with the best dropshopping experience possible.

National Dropshippers' mission is to provide its members with the widest variety of products at the lowest cost possible, with fast and reliable service. We combine trust and integrity with technology and standardized procedures to enable each and every member a successful and profitable business. We greatly value the relationships we create with you through the years to come and are always happy to have feedback, whether you have a product request for something you can't find in our catalog, or any other questions or concerns you may have.

Product Lines and Pricing:
National Dropshippers has thousands of different products available for drop shipping from several manufacturers and distributors. To help insure our members' success, we only charge the wholesale prices and drop ship fees that we are charged by the distributors. Our prices range from about 33% to a whopping 66% below MSRP! Our minimal membership fees provide us with the residual funds needed to remain in business, while we continue to provide our members with a huge product resource at wholesale pricing all in one location!

How it Works:
National Dropshippers is a members-only site that offers an order-fulfillment dropshipping service. Simply use the images and descriptions supplied here to sell products, either online or in public, and take orders. When you place the orders on our interactive order form using your customer's shipping address, our suppliers will ship directly to your customer using generic return information (such as "Distribution Center"), and we will post your tracking information to your Order Manager so that you may send it to your customers. We do not list "National Dropshippers" anywhere in your customer's shipping documents. It's fast, convenient, and easy!

National Dropshippers maintains a high reputation by being dedicated to serving its members. If you need personalized assistance at any time, please contact us at We will do everything possible to take care of you and your customers. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!


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Maxam 12' x 16' All-Purpose Tarp (Hemmed size 11'4" x 15'6")
List Price: $22.95
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Kassel 13" Diameter Globe with 57pc Chess and Checkers Set
List Price: $201.95
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Maxam 20' x 20' All-Purpose Tarp (Hemmed Size 19'3" x 19'6")
List Price: $42.95
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